About Us

We are Official Partner in LED Lighting with Innovative and Sustainable Solution


‘EXlites’ was founded on 2009, a privately owned company is dedicated to manufacture architectural lighting and collaborate with architects, designers, contractors and investors to integrate light into their project. Our manufacturers represent the gold standard in lighting fixtures for both new installations and for retrofits to more efficient models that in some cases can drop energy costs in half with the same lighting capabilities.


CORPORATE TARGET : To build up a worldwide famous brand, and to be No.1 in lighting industry BRAND CONCEPT : Expert in Lighting Environment CORE VALUES : Providing the best stage to employees and maximum satisfaction to customers. SPIRIT OF ENTERPRISE : Enterprising, Innovation, Intergrity, Dedication WORKING STYLE : Pro Active and Efficient Team

We expertise in these fields

Working with Us

Lighting Simulation & LUX Mesurement

We Can Calculate The Number Of Lights Required In An Area Based On The Type & Size With Lumens & Lux Value

Technical Consultancy

We Help Clients To Navigate The Wide Variety Of Products Options To Find The Right Solution For Their Application

Installation & Maintenance Factor Considerations

Our Services Optimize Performance While Maintaining Projects Budjets With Acceptance Testing & Warranty With Well Constructed,Compliant,And Documented System

Product Distributor

Retailer & Distributor Partners When it Comes To Our Business Of Providing LED Lighting Products To Customers

Interior Design Services

We Provide Complete Lighting Design Support Services For Engineers,Designers And End Users Utilizing The Latest Lighting Design Software

Our Clientele

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The aspect of maintenance, cost savings and the effectiveness from the lighting brightness and low energy consumption through ‘EXlites’ systems are the main factor to choose our systems.

Minimal maintenance costs and high savings in the long term are major evaluating factors when comparing with normal lighting systems that are utilizing electrical energy from the local utility grid.

Choosing ‘EXlites’ system is the best choice to make from the aspect of lighting effectiveness and efficiency, low energy consumption and maintenance cost savings. Using ‘EXlites’ system is a sound investment in utilizing advance technologies that are also environmentally friendly.